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  1. This is brilliant thank you. I might try this and build a Retropie inside it.

    Good job, thanks for sharing.

    Best regards

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for this excellent project. The instructions are quite hilarious and clear. Much like Jim Wood mentioned, I will be adding Pi to my build, making it into a true Bamboo Retro Arcade.


    1. Nice! With some skills perhaps the top of the buttons and the joystick ball could be made out of bamboo too. That would be serious bamboo! A Pi with definitly add value to the arcade stick. Good luck!

  3. If possible can I get a picture of the inside? Hard to visualize from the pdf.

    Would like to be able to make a hitbox with this (emailed you about it) but main concern is the wooden blocks.

    1. Ah, I have added a picture of the inside to the download section.
      The solution with the blocks was a use-what’s-left of the material and not the best solution. Perhaps you can use an angle iron (don’t know if that is the exact word).
      If you have access to a router you could rout out a ditch for the “frame” to go down in (and glue it).

    1. Nice! I really love all Adafruit products. Have not seen that one so thanks! Nice to see the price of it too. That is a must for future projects and wireless controllers!

    1. If required, just assign one of the buttons, or a combination of them to act as the coin/credit button.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I’ve just finished my Bamboo Arcade Pi (3), as the name mentioned it’s got a Pi 3 inside of it, I also added a Led-strip and some spacers to the design to add something unique to the system. It’s got 3d printed parts but are not required to add the Pi to the mix, just ensure you guys put some spacers between the pi and the board since some parts need to breathe (wifi chip) and the SD-card is easier to reach 😀

    Here are some shots of mine:
    besides some tinkering it took around 5 hours to build in total, just need to add some colour to it by varnhish it a bit darker to make the buttons pop out a bit more 😀

    1. Wow! That’s one really great looking controller! I like that you used the 3D printer to attach the board with the frame and lights and a Pi really does it!! NICE JOB!!!

      1. I’ve done a new iteration with a Pi 3 in it which makes me really happy! Will upload pics soon, wouldn’t it be cool to have a gallery here with others that made it? I mean that will be your hall of fame for your babies!

        1. Yes, that is a great idea! I will create a “makes” section as soon as possible! It’s very fun to see what addons others do.

  5. Thanks for the inspiration and excellent instructions! I built my Bamboo Arcade using SUZOHAPP parts since they are my favorite. I had to increase the dimensions of the box to accommodate the joystick and long buttons, but I love how it turned out.

    Here are a couple of pics of my build:

    1. Nice work! I build a cabinet years ago with HAPP buttons and I also like them a lot. Your setup looks excellent! Have a great 2017 and game on!

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